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Top quality HAY, HAYLAGE and STRAW for sale. Delivery across the northwest. Small traditional bales and large round bales.  Large round hay 30 Large round haylage 28 Tradition...  Read more »

  • Date: 14 Oct 2014
  • Category: Bedding/Haylage/Feed
  • Area: Cheshire
  • Views: 267

We have some of last years and roughly 300 conventional bales of this years hay for sale, ragwort free, meadow hay, stored inside, bales are packed and so heavy,collection from moreton morrell  Read more »

  • Date: 22 Sep 2014
  • Category: Bedding/Haylage/Feed
  • Area: Warwickshire
  • Views: 234

Holywell Farms offer first class haylage, hay and straw, all guaranteed and delivered to your door.  We use only the finest rye grass mixes for the haylage and all of our hay is low nitro...  Read more »

  • Date: 11 Sep 2014
  • Category: Bedding/Haylage/Feed
  • Area: Tyne and Wear
  • Views: 305

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